Tips for choosing bamboo bathroom cabinets in the bathroom

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The bamboo cabinet made of moso bamboo as the substrate, cleverly uses the excellent physical properties of bamboo, and combines exquisite craftsmanship at home and abroad to highlight the originality of the design and quality of life. Bamboo has excellent physical properties, strong hardness (hardness is better than oak) and toughness, and has good stability. Its service life is much higher than that of wooden bathroom furniture, so it is more suitable for use in bathrooms than other wooden products.

Bamboo plate is not only natural in color, flexible in material, full of comfortable quality of life, but also non-toxic and harmless. The release of formaldehyde is almost zero. It is a very healthy and environmentally friendly board. Proprietary carbonization extraction technology separates the grease and sugar extraction of bamboo to improve the waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, acid-resistant, environmentally friendly, deformation and other excitation properties of bamboo materials.

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Bamboo bath cabinet maintenance reminder:

1. Bamboo products are most avoidable worms and termites. Applying varnish and cooked tung oil on the surface is an effective way to prevent these two dangerous enemies.

2. Avoid using sharp objects and heavy objects to hit and friction the plate surface, and do not contaminate strong corrosive solvents.

3. Try to keep the surface clean after use to avoid breeding bacterial insects.

Any bathroom cabinet should pay attention to maintenance. It is best to divide the shower room into dry and wet areas, so as to better ensure that wooden and bamboo bathroom furniture such as bathroom cabinets are better protected and have a long service life. In this way, waterproofing has also been developed to a certain extent.