How to deal with the first use of bamboo steamers?

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Bamboo steamers are made of pure bamboo and belong to bamboo and wood products. There are some tips for maintenance after first use and use. Let’s share them below.

I. Treatment method for the first use of bamboo steamers

When the bamboo steamer is used for the first time, wash one side with a wire cloth, then put it on the stove and steam for half an hour. Steam out the yellow water in the bamboo, and then wash it with water. In addition, when the new steamer was used, there was more or less yellow water a few days ago. After using it for a long time, it will be gone. It is a normal phenomenon and does not affect health.

II. Precautions when using steamers

1. It is best to put it in the steamer after the water boils. The water surface is flat with the bottom of the steamer. Don’t put too much water. If you add too much water, the water will boil during the cooking process, which is easy to overflow the steamer and affect the taste of the food.

2. There must be enough water in the steamer. If there is too little water, the steam volume will be reduced, and the edge of the bamboo steamer will also be easily scorched.

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III. Maintenance methods used in steamers

After use, you can wipe the steamer with a wet cloth. If there is food residue, after washing with water, dry it in a cool place, so that it is not easy to mildew and will not affect the sealing. The longer the steamer is used, the color of the steamer’s surface will change and turn brown.

IV. Storage method of steamers that have not been used for a long time

When stored in a bamboo steamer that has not been used for a long time, it can be wrapped in plastic film, put more camphor, or put some dry bags, and then clean it when used.