Is bamboo better than wood for a cutting board?

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Bamboo chopping board not only realizes the purpose of health and environmental protection of pure natural materials, but also realizes the desire of most consumers to be affordable. Bamboo has a natural aroma and a natural bactericidal effect.It can play the role of automatic sterilization and bring more protection to your health.

Which kind of cutting board is good?

bamboo chopping board

1.Bamboo chopping board: It is not easy to crack or drop slag when it is strong; it is easy to clean, and the dirt will not be blocked in the cracks; it is easy to air dry, so there will be no moldy and odor. Wooden chopping boards must be careful when cleaning vegetable boards.Wash it clean. Don’t wash it at all. The sawdust and residues on the wooden cutting board must be scraped off with a knife, and then rinsed with warm water. However, the bamboo cutting board is made of stitching, so it cannot be hit hard, and chopping meat is easy to damage.

2.Bamboo chopping board, like wooden chopping board, is made of natural materials, and a qualified bamboo chopping board is made of natural plants. Because the bamboo itself has no complex texture and the material is relatively strong and tight, it is not easy to crack and remove slag for long-term use.

3.From the perspective of moisture, bamboo is not as absorbent as wood. After washing, it is easy to air dry and moldy.