There are 4 wonderful uses of bamboo poles in the yard

Published by |2023-02-22T08:57:58+00:00 February 22nd, 2023|

There is a yard at home. Prepare some bamboo poles, which is too useful. When I went up the mountain, I saw someone else cutting down the bamboo pole I didn’t want. I often pulled one back. I couldn’t say it one day. I bought some bamboo poles before, but they are still in use. Bamboo poles have 4 wonderful uses in the yard, returning to the original ecology and creating “idyllic scenery”.

1. Make fences.

It’s perfect to make the fence of the yard with bamboo poles. It is durable and beautiful, and looks full of “idyllic scenery”. The yard developers of our community surrounded them with an iron fence about 1.2 meters high. Many people felt that the fence was too low and unsafe, so they found someone to increase it a higher level. The height of the whole iron fence was about 2.5 meters. If you raise a higher level of fence, it costs 10,000 yuan less. The key is that I don’t think it looks good, just like living in a cage. My family didn’t find someone to increase the high-speed rail fence. He raised it with a bamboo pole. The height of the overall fence was about 1.78 meters. Then the upper vine is planted around this month. The rose climbs the whole fence, and the height is more than 2 meters, which is no worse than others using the iron fence. And I think it’s safer to elevate the courtyard wall like this. Fujimoto is full of thorns, and it’s not so easy for thieves to climb over the wall. Heighten the fence with a bamboo pole will look more beautiful. There is no feeling of cages from the inside out, returning to the original ecology.

2. Set up flowers and vegetables.

The height of the main pole is relatively high, which can be used to frame flowers and vegetables climbing vines. One of my wire lotus is made of bamboo poles, which is no worse than the flower rack I bought. In the past, my mother-in-law liked to grow vegetables. In summer, she planted a lot of beans, which were built with bamboo poles. It was beautiful and practical. Even if it was windy, it was not easy to blow it down. Last year, I planted cucumbers with bamboo poles, but the growth is very good, but cucumbers have been harmed by needle bees. The bamboo pole that sets up flowers and vegetables can be removed and put aside after the flowers and vegetables dry up in winter. Use it when you use it the next year. If you use ready-made flower racks, they are all integrated and difficult to disassemble and install. Even if the flowers and plants are dry in winter, they should stand bare and don’t look good. Therefore, I think it is more convenient to set up a bamboo pole. It can be set up as you want.

3. Dry clothes.

Prepare a few thicker bamboo poles. If you wash more clothes, you can make a clothes rack wherever you want. Especially when the sun is good in winter, quilts and mattresses can be taken out to bask in the sun. It’s very stable to put it on the bamboo pole. Don’t worry about being too short to dry, and don’t have to worry about being too heavy to break. When you don’t dry your clothes, put away the bamboo pole and take up space at all. I have prepared three long bamboo poles for drying quilts in winter. I have bought a folding hanger before. A small amount of clothes can be dried, and the quilt can’t be dried. The most important thing is that it is easy to blow down when it is windy, especially when people are not at home. It’s too troublesome to take them down and wash them all off. It’s much more convenient to have a long bamboo pole, and there has never been a blow.

4. Make partitions.

Bamboo poles can also be used in the yard and used in different areas. For example, those who grow vegetables and flowers. If you want to separate them, make a small fence with a bamboo pole. In the past, my family raised a rabbit and let him always eat vegetables and flowers around the yard. Later, I separated it with a bamboo pole and was only allowed to move in those places and was not allowed to go anywhere else. Remove the fence when you can’t raise rabbits, which does not affect the use of that place at all.