Will bamboo furniture last long?

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As we all know,bamboo is a eco-friendly material,bamboo grows faster than wood,which meas bamboo is the recyclable material.So,bamboo is the suitable and ideal material for people to make furniture.First of all,if we want to make bamboo furniture,including bamboo outdoor furniture,vintage bamboo furniture, bamboo patio furniture,we should cutting the bamboo into certain length from raw bamboo,then the bamboo were splitted,after that,the knot will be removed,width and thickness will be setted,in the following step is chemical treatment and carbonizing and drying process,then is high speed further planing(high precision), the next step is glue goating of bamboo strip,in the final step the bamboo stripe will be pressed into boards.From the above bamboo board manufacturing process, we noted that bamboo material were cooked and carbonized,the insects were killed,the moisture will also be removed during the drying process,also the bamboo furniture should be painted properly.All the steps of manufacturing process make sure that bamboo furniture can be used at least 30 years,so definitely,the bamboo furniture can be used for a very long time!

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