Benefits of using bamboo basket packaging

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In the process of promoting the packaging of bamboo baskets, we often encounter customer questions: we use cartons very well, can print exquisite patterns, and transportation is convenient. More importantly, the price is cheap, which is much cheaper than your bamboo basket. Why choose bamboo baskets?

Indeed, bamboo baskets are not as exquisite as cartons in printing, as cheap as cartons and plastic baskets in transportation, and their prices are not as cheap as cartons and plastic boxes. So what are the advantages of bamboo baskets? Let me briefly explain the following advantages from the following two points.

I. Environmental protection perspective

Modern society is an era of advocating the concept of low-carbon environmental protection. The whole society should participate in the action of low-carbon environmental protection. With the improvement of people’s knowledge level, people’s awareness of environmental protection is gradually strengthening, and they are pursuing a low-carbon and environmentally friendly lifestyle, which needs to start with our consumption habits.

Why is the bamboo basket environmentally friendly and low-carbon? Of course, this is a relative concept. We say that its relative carton and relative plastic basket are low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

How are cartons made? First of all, paper is needed. Papermaking requires cutting wood, and the growth cycle of wood is at least five or six years, and more than a few decades. Large-scale logging of wood will cause soil erosion and land desertification, so society strongly advocates saving.

Plastics consume a lot of oil resources, which is obviously very low-carbon in today’s increasingly scarce society.

The raw materials of the bamboo basket are bamboo with short growth cycle, fast growth speed and strong adaptability. Compared with the above two materials, it is obviously much lower carbon and environmentally friendly.

II. Novel Perspectives

Consumers often have aesthetic fatigue before a variety of exquisite products. In the end, they are at a loss and don’t know what to choose. People rely on clothes, and Buddhas rely on gold. Obviously, the packaging of products will have a considerable impact on the attractiveness of products. A unique packaging will make you stand out among many compatriots, make you jump into the eyes of consumers in a variety of products, and make aesthetically tired consumers feel refreshing. The bamboo basket packaging we recommend belongs to this kind of unique packaging product. It has no exquisite appearance, no strange posture, but only the low-key and deep “eye look”, but it can make your products firmly grasp the attention of consumers. Opportunity belongs to the first-step experimenter.

So, I said, choose a bamboo basket, that’s right!