How many kinds of bamboo are there in the world?

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There are more than a thousand kinds of bamboo, which are divided into longevity bamboo, arrow bamboo, Cizhu, single bamboo, four-season bamboo, spotted bamboo, Nanzhu, Cinan bamboo, water bamboo, Luohan bamboo, etc.

longevity bamboo, arrow bamboo, Cizhu, single bamboo, four-season bamboo, spotted bamboo, Nanzhu, Cinan bamboo, water bamboo, Luohan bamboo, etc. Longevity bamboo is up to 20 meters high, with long between the joints. The scabbard is glab, and the leaf ear is semi-circular. The joints of the rod are generally about 3 mm long. The scabbard is usually spotted or only in small bamboo shoots. The barbed is lanceolate, linear or ribbon-shaped, Yu Yu’s tongue.

Arrow bamboo is a small stalk, a few are medium-sized, up to 5 cm thick, is perennial bamboo, the underground stem is creeping, the rod handle is 7-13 cm long, and the thickness is 7-20 mm. The poles are plexed or nearly scattered, upright, 1.5-4 meters high, 0.5-2 cm thick, 15-18 cm long between the nodes, the length of the rod wall is 2-3.5 mm thick, the marrow is sawdust-like, and the ring is raised. When it is young, there are gray-white spikes. The rod ring is flat or slightly raised, and Cizhu is 5-10 meters high, the tip is slender, curved, curved, curved and drooping like a fishing line, thick 3-6 cm. Every time the rod saves more than 20 branches, it is a half-wheel cluster, horizontally stretched. Its lower sections can be 10 cm long, the diameter is 5 mm thick, the last branch has several leaves or even multiple Hair, with longitudinal ribs, no sheath hair, leaf tongue truncated, brown-black, 1-1.5 mm high, rotting-like fine cracks at the upper edge, and the leaves are narrow-lanceolate. The height of single bamboo is 3 to 7m, and the diameter is about 5cm. Each branch is mostly equal. The sheath is hard, green and yellow when fresh, white powdered, with light-colored and short hairs on the back. The sheath ring retains a circle of relatively protruding wood bolt rings after the pole falls off. The branches are clustered in each section of the rod, which are similar in thickness to each other. They are hairless. When they are The stalks of bamboo in the four seasons are green and the leaves are beautiful, and the bamboo shoot period is long. In different seasons, you can enjoy the beauty of bamboo shoots. The young stalks are glabrous and white powderless. They are semi-circular or flat between the branches. The scabbard is green, and the edges are dyed The purple is truncated and the leaves are lanceolate.

Variegated bamboo also refers to Xiangfei bamboo, with purple-brown patches and spots, and the branches also have purple-brown spots. The height of the rod can reach 20 meters, the thickness is up to 15 cm, the nodes are up to 40 cm, and the wall thickness is about 5 mm. The rod ring is slightly higher than the ring, sometimes green or purple, with Brown erect prickly, the last branch has 2-4 leaves, the leaf ear is semi-circular, the seam hair is developed, and it is often radial. Nanzhu is more than 10 meters high and 18 cm thick; the stalks are thick and leathery, densely covered with rough hairs and dark brown spots and patches. They are tall, the stalk ring is not raised, the leaves are lanceolate, and the bamboo shoots are hairy. It likes a warm and humid climate, and grows well on deep, fertile and well-drained acidic soils. Low-lying areas with poor drainage are avoided. Its material is tough and elastic, and it is widely used in construction, agriculture, furniture production and daily necessities.

Cinan bamboo is a kind of Nanzhu genus. It is named after the stalks and branches because it has hard thorns. It is clustered, high and straight, straight and thick, with a diameter of more than 10 centimeters. Moreover, the flesh of Huanan bamboo is thick and small, the bamboo shoots are hairless and few leaves. Mostly used for building materials. There are a small amount of planting in Qingshen Bamboo Art City, Tianmiao and other places.

The water bamboo is about 6 meters high, and the young rod has white powder and sparse pubescent hairs. The nodes are up to 30 cm long and the wall is 3 to 5 mm thick. The rod ring is flat in the thick rod, the same height as the barb, lavender, oval or long oval, sometimes short sickle-shaped, with several purple hairs on There are only a few thin hairs, and the last branch has 2 leaves, which can be 1 or 3 leaves; the leaf sheath is glabrous except for the edge.

Luohan bamboo also refers to Buddha belly bamboo. Its young stalks are dark green, slightly white powdered, and turn olive yellow in old age; stalk type two, normal cylindrical, 7 to 10 meters high, 30~35 cm between nodes; branching habits are slightly higher, and often single branches, all without thorns, the nodes are slightly short and It has several curved hairs; the leaf tongue is extremely short, nearly truncated, and the edge is extremely short and slender; the leaf is linear lanceolate to lanceolate, 9-18 cm long and 1-2 cm wide.