How to make a bamboo fence?

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1. First, chop the bamboo with a machete into a bamboo board with a length of 1 meter and a width of 3 cm, and chop enough to meet the required amount.

2. Then saw the bamboo board to the required fence height with a saw, then cut each section with a knife, weave it from the middle with linen rope, fold it from the middle and pin it on the first bamboo board, and so on, and then pin it one by one.

3. When you weave 15-16 pieces, you can fold them back, and then weave them again and again, so weave them back and forth 4-6 times, so that the bamboo fence will become stronger, and the bamboo fence will be made.

bamboo fence-1

The main compilation method of bamboo fence is to wrap each bamboo board with iron wire to form bamboo raft. Compared with iron fence, it has lower cost, wide applicability, very durable and gives people a feeling of economy, so many people in rural areas will use bamboo fence instead of other iron fences.