When farmers grow climbing crops, they usually insert bamboo poles, and then put them away after the crops are harvested. Why?

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Some climbing crops, such as green beans, cowpeas, loofah, pumpkins, etc., are planted in rural areas, and bamboo canes are usually painstakingly inserted beside these crops. Some farmers even build trellis with bamboo, the main purpose of which is for these climbing crops to grow better along the bamboo canes or bamboo trellis. But strangely, inserting bamboo canes or erecting trellis is not an easy task in itself, but after each crop harvest, farmers usually put away bamboo canes or bamboo trellis painstakingly. Why? There is a reason for this.

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Inserting bamboo canes or erecting bamboo trellis is beneficial to the growth of climbing crops. Because the vines of climbing crops are usually very long, if they are allowed to grow freely or walk freely, they are easy to entangle with each other or other plants, and they are also easy to block the field trails and affect the passage. In this case, the vines are easy to be damaged, thus affecting the healthy growth of crops. However, if bamboo canes or bamboo trellis are inserted beside them, these vines will climb and grow along the bamboo canes or trellis, which are not easy to entangle or block the road, and are not easy to be hurt during their growth.

When the crops are harvested, farmers will put away these bamboo canes or bamboo trellis, mainly for two reasons:

First, protect the materials for building trellis. Every day in the wild, no matter what kind of materials, they are easy to deteriorate and damage. It takes a lot of materials to build trellis, and even inserting bamboo canes takes a lot of bamboo. Therefore, if you put them away in time to prevent the materials from being hit by wind and rain, you can protect the materials and prepare them for reuse next time;

Second, it is beneficial to crop rotation. The shelves or bamboo canes built in the fields will still occupy a certain space and are not conducive to farming. When climbing crops mature, farmers’ friends will consider planting the next crop, so putting away bamboo canes or bamboo trellis can facilitate the planting of the next crop and make the land rotate orderly.

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In fact, every time you insert bamboo canes or build bamboo trellis for climbing crops, Is very laborious, Especially putting on airs, And very particular, What tripods, single skewers, arched flower stands, hybrid stands, quadrangles and so on, There are many patterns, and different crops have different requirements. Therefore, no one wants to build and dismantle, dismantle and build, and they all hope to do it once and for all, but this is unrealistic. After all, materials are exposed to the wild, and they rot quickly. Therefore, it is helpless for farmers to put away bamboo trellis or bamboo canes.

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Moreover, removing unused bamboo canes or bamboo trellis has another incidental advantage, that is, some diseases and insect pests remaining on bamboo canes or bamboo trellis can be removed by the way, so that they cannot fall into the soil, continue to harm the next crop, and minimize the diseases and insect pests of crops!